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What is Conscious Co-Creating? Watch this short video.


…Imagine your life when all the dreams of your heart have been realized.

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What would that look like for you?

Would you be radiantly healthy and full of energy?  Would you be joyously fulfilled and well compensated in a career that makes your heart sing?   Would all your relationships be loving and supportive? Would you be reveling in the relationship of your dreams?  What would it be like to be financially secure?  What would you be doing with all the extra flow of abundance…would you buy things that added beauty to your life, and be able to give generously to organizations you believed in? Would you feel a deep peace that nothing could disturb? Would you be expressing your highest potential and making a positive impact on the world around you?

Whatever it looks like for you, embrace that vision of your dreams fully realized.
Doing so is an essential first step in the process of co-creating the life you truly want.

But it’s only the beginning…

As you suspected, there is indeed more to it than that.  Much more.  There is, in fact, an art to consciously co-creating the life of your dreams.  An art that you can easily master right here…right now. 

And it is all found in my new program…

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And I will lead you step-by-step in this thrilling adventure that will literally transform your life!

You will learn to master the art of Conscious Co-Creating as you are lovingly guided through twelve powerfully transformational lessons.

Conscious Co-Creating: A Complete Program for Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Realizing your heart’s desires is now finally within your reach because I take the mystery out of the process of manifesting and make it clear, straightforward and immensely doable!


 Joseph Asterita“My life has changed dramatically since beginning the program.  I have a better relationship with my family; my romantic life has bloomed; my fun activities are more fun than ever; my path is clearer.  Conscious Co-Creating is like an operations manual for living your dreams.”
 -Joseph Asterita, Chapel Hill, NC


   Download this program today.

   Start reading and completing the exercises in Unit 1 tonight.

   Start experiencing a powerful shift in your energy which will allow more  good to immediately begin pouring into your life tomorrow!


Chellie Campbell“As an author and coach myself, I can tell you that Victoria’s program is absolutely transformational. She’s a master manifestor and knows the secrets for manifesting your heart’s desires. I’ve known her for over ten years, and she’s the real deal!”  – Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire.  www.Chellie.com


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Linda Sivertsen“Victoria's program is beautifully transformational. She's a master at identifying and eliminating negative core beliefs -- with the most beautiful life and personal experience to back up what she teaches. Through this program, Victoria will be your spiritual mentor on your path to peace and abundance"
- Linda Sivertsen, NYT best-selling co-author, Harmonic Wealth. www.BookMama.com 

The Twelve Transformational Lessons in the Conscious Co-Creating Program
are divided into these 6 Units..

Unit 1

The first thing you will master is a deep comprehension of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.  Yes, there are more Laws than just the Law of Attraction. That’s why people who work solely with the Law of Attraction find it doesn’t really work for them.  It doesn’t because it’s only one small part of the equation.

You are an essential part of this universe and in this section you will finally realize the unique part you play in the completion of the whole.  You will then learn to work with all the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and therefore will align yourself with the flow of good so that it can begin to pour abundantly in your life!

Unit 2

In this section you will finally learn to embrace your True self-worth.  Feeling unworthy of having the life of your dreams is what stops most of us from realizing them.  And it is the default position for most…even if you’re not conscious of it.

In this section you will learn to distinguish between your ego (or false self) and your radiantly powerful Authentic Self.  You will then learn an effective technique for immediately shifting from living “under the influence” of the false self and into the awareness of your magnificent Authentic Self.

You are now a magnificent expression of the Divine, and a joyous, fulfilling and successful life is within you right now…waiting for your acceptance of it.  Can you accept that at the deepest level of your being?  You will when you work with this module of my Conscious Co-Creating Program.

Unit 3

In this section you will discover and eliminate deeply rooted Core Beliefs and toxic energy that have been blocking your good.  Just as a kink in a hose blocks water from flowing, so too false core beliefs and toxic energy block the flow of good in our lives.  These false core beliefs like to stay hidden just under the level of our consciousness, so that we don’t notice they are sabotaging our good.

But with my Conscious Co-Creating Program these blocks that have been robbing you of an abundant, joyous and fulfilling life will be exposed and eliminated forever…freeing you to experience more aliveness, more love and more joy!

Unit 4

Attunement and Alignment. In this section you will learn to attune to your true inner Spirit...and align with the qualities of that inner Spirit.  You will also learn to master the Manifestation Meditation offered here and as a result you will become more focused, more centered, more peaceful and much more effective in whatever you are doing.

Unit 5

In this section you will learn the 5-Step "system-within-a-system."  This is the proven formula for fully realizing your heart's desires.  In this step-by-step process you will master the ability to speak your word from the awareness of your Spiritual Truth which will open the channels of infinite potential and direct it into specific experience in your life.

Unit 6

Most people move in the world motivated by fear or some sense of obligation.  They spend an enormous amount of time running in circles and not getting anywhere.  Once you’ve connected with the wisdom of your powerful Authentic Self you will be guided into effective action.  And that’s an essential part of the process.  You will master strategies for following this guidance and overcoming the fear that often accompanies stepping out into a larger expression of life.


Conscious Co-Creating combines these powerful strategies that are revealed in a specific order – all of which works together to launch you into a greater expression of life.  Not only will your life glow with dreams realized, but you will become a powerful change agent and your life will be a blessing to the world.


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My Story: From barely paying the rent to living the life of my dreams in just six months!

Victoria Headshot smaller I was once where you may be now. I was doing all the “right” things. I was working with the Law of Attraction and trying to stay in a “feeling good” place. But I was still stuck in a downward spiral. My husband and I were barely able to pay our rent every month and I was working at a job I hated, totally stressed out and making barely $30,000 a year. We both wanted a family desperately but were having difficulty getting pregnant…for years. Needless to say, it was all a strain on our relationship and my health.

Then, not long after I graduated from a 4-year training program under the guidance of Rev. Michael Beckwith, and was licensed by him as a spiritual coach, that I had the epiphany which would change my entire life forever.  When I finally understood on a deep soul level the self-sabotaging nature of false core beliefs and the ego’s insidious methods for questioning self-worth, I was determined to figure out a way to rise above.  I developed a systematic approach for embracing my true worth, realigning with my Authentic Self and permanently eliminating the toxic core beliefs that were robbing me of the joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity which are the true inheritance of each and every one of us.

It worked better than I even imagined. My husband and I both worked with this approach diligently and…

…within six months our lives had changed completely. Together my husband and I were now earning a high six-figure income, I became pregnant…with twins! And we were both doing what we loved…what made our hearts sing…and experiencing the success we had never known before. A year later, we moved into a beautiful big home in a lovely area of Southern California and I had two fabulous little girls (I could even afford to have someone come in and help me with the cleaning and laundry!)  We were both experiencing more joy and more inner peace than we’d ever known.

It was then that I began to share this multi-pronged approach to conscious co-creating with the clients I was working with. I couldn’t keep a treasure like this to myself. To be given the gift of this wisdom and not share it with others would be a crime! And an amazing thing happened…my clients and students began transforming their lives and they began to experience the same success I had. What joy!!

This unique, comprehensive program has been developed, tested and refined over a 10-year period!  In that time I have helped thousands of individuals create the life of their dreams using this conscious co-creating system.

Now, it’s your turn to transform your life! 

And for the first time, my complete Conscious Co-Creating program is all together in one easy downloadable digital format.  So that you can have immediate access to the breakthrough you’ve always wanted!

What would it be like to finally break free from struggle and limitation and begin to actually live a meaningful, abundant and love-filled life?

Only you can answer that.

And because I know you don’t want to spend another minute repeating old patterns that don’t work…you want to begin the process of creating the life of your dreams right now…I’ve made the program instantly accessible and immensely affordable! 

Download Conscious Co-Creating Program and get started now!

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Carol Allen"I'm a witness - this woman knows her stuff and is so sincere in wanting to help. Lots of people claim to have it all figured out, but when you scratch the surface, their own lives don't work. Victoria totally walks her talk, and can help you no matter where things are and where you wish they were. Get with her and stand back and be amazed..." --Carol Allen, author of "Love Is In The Stars - The Wise Woman's Astrological Guide To Men."  www.CarolAllenAstrology.com

P.S.  Where will you be 6 months from now? Still repeating the same old patterns?  Or will you have manifested the joyous, successful, prosperous and love-filled life you've always dreamed of?  One action you take right now will decide that outcome.  Choose to do nothing and you'll get more of what you have now.  Choose to click on the order button above and you've made the choice to make your dreams a reality!

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