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I’ve got a question for you: What is the easiest way to let go of daily stress, tired routines, petty grievances and begin to see life from a more expansive point of view? If you answered “take a vacation” you’d be right!  Doing some sort of recreation.  Re-Creation – that’s what the world really mean,…

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You rock

Affirmations That Work

I hope I get the job. I hope the relationship works out. I hope my launch goes well. I hope my kids don’t get into trouble. I hope this spot on my skin isn’t cancerous. I hope my prayers are answered. What is the one word that is consistent the above statements?  Yes, “hope.”  “I…

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field of flowers

Opening to Joy

Springtime! The reawakening of nature.  The reawakening of joy.  The reaffirmation that life is eternal.  What a joyful time of year!  And joy is indeed the energy that fuels this season. For most though, joy is a fleeting emotion. One moment we’re are enjoying something special, and the next, we’re frustrated by the irritations of…

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What is a Spiritual Bank Account Good For?

Four friends went out for a day hike together in the woods.  The weather forecast called for lots of sunshine and a beautiful Fall day.  Half way through the day, out of nowhere, clouds rolled in, the heavens opened up just above their heads, and it started pouring. They were all completely drenched. The 1st…

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Cultivating Intuition

What is intuition really?  Well, Webster defines it as:  The power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought. Charles Fillmore agrees with this definition in his book The Revealing Word, (which is a handy source guide for definitions of metaphysical terms) and he adds that intuition is: “…the natural knowing…

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joyful jump

The Art of Allowing

There is a statement we all affirm together in our spiritual community:  “There is only one presence and one power active in the universe and in my life…God the good omnipotent.” It’s a pretty bold declaration when you really think about it.  One power, really?  Omnipotent good, really? Then why is there so much nastiness…

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joyful baby

Boogie Woogie Joy!

John Lennon once wrote, “When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wrote down ‘happy.’  They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” Here’s the truth: Joy is our natural state.  In fact, the more fun we…

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Magical Thinking, or the Power of Thought?

One of the basic concepts in New Thought is that our beliefs form and shape reality.  We believe, and more importantly have experienced, the responsive nature of the universe as it reflects back into our experience the beliefs we hold, the attitudes we embrace and the conscious intentions we affirm. Now, some psychologists might call that…

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Opening to Miracles this Christmas

‘Tis the season of miracles!  The Hanukkah miracle was an affirmation for the continuation of the Jewish people when one night’s worth of oil to light their temple lasted eight nights. The Christmas miracle gave us that one Being of Light who came to love us all awake. The winter miracle proves to us that…

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This Holiday Season: Turn on the Lights!

What is light?  To a scientist, it’s electromagnetic energy…and the visible light is a very small portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum…that’s made up of “wave-particles of energy called photons”.  That’s what light is to a scientist. In our experience, light is life…it’s creation.  It fuels our planet.  It fuels us.   And artificial light makes…

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